LAPSEN is pleased to announce the opportunity for law and public safety students to be recognized by applying to join the new National Law & Public Safety Honors Society (NLPSHS). As the NLPSHS grows we hope to offer special opportunities, add scholarships and help students with finding post-secondary options. Our Executive Council wanted to provide our students with an organization that acknowledges their efforts and talents. 

Motto: Honors student of today, hero of tomorrow

Member Challenge: Honoris - Integritas - Fortitudio 

Symbol: Gavel for justice, sword for enforcement, axe for public safety surrounded by the laurels of success

Minimum Criteria for Membership

  • 90 on a numeric scale or a 3.5 GPA in all Law & Public Safety courses

  • 80 on a numeric scale or a 2.5 GPA overall  for all coursework

  • Recommendation of their current or previous Law & Public Safety instructor

  • Completed at least 1.5 units of Law & Public Safety coursework

  • No serious disciplinary actions (resulting in ISS or OSS) in the last year

Membership Packet

Frameable certificate of membership delivered in a sealed envelope

Honor Student Today, Hero Tomorrow bumper sticker

NLPSHS seal sticker

Graduation Regalia 

About 3 months before graduation, members may order graduation cords. 

Cord Colors:

  • Blue/Black – Law Enforcement, Security

  • Red/Yellow – Fire, EMS & Dispatch

  • Gold – Law, Legal Services

To review our membership brochure - Click Here

To download the application - Click Here

If you have any questions about membership you can Email us

Brochure & Application

Local schools can choose to organize NLPSHS chapters. These are not required for students to join, but rather may be something a local instructor may wish to initiate. We welcome programs to start chapters at no cost and with no initiation fee. 

To inquire about starting a chapter - Email us

School Chapters

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